Functional Math Skills Analyses

Identifies and measures learners’ functional math strengths and weaknesses at the sixth grade level.

This software provides an excellent assessment of students’ functional abilities prior to their undertaking more advanced subjects such as algebra and geometry. The program was originally developed to allow student practice for the Maryland Functional Math Test, mandatory for high school graduation in the state of Maryland.

Five assessment tests across 30 functional objectives are provided. Plus the option of creating unique additional tests made up of randomly selected items from the original five tests. Multiple tests allow for retesting of students during remediation.
Tests are administered and scored by the software, and an explicit Performance Report is printed out. The report along with a provided Item Directory allows teachers to make accurate decisions about remediation.

FMSA™ also measures students’ Math Fluency Quotients. That is, their speed and accuracy with computations from the basic math tables.

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